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Welcome to Computer Environments, Inc.
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**Your #1 Manufacturer for Access Flooring Solutions Worldwide**

The Computer Environment system is unique in that common parts are used to construct access floor for a multitude of applications. The same basic components are used to construct 2 1/2” (6.3 cm) through 72” (183 cm) finish floor heights. All panels fit on all understructures and all coverings fit on all panels (carpet cannot be perforated). This allows the user to make future changes in panels and/or covering with minimal effort. Panel dimensions are
  • 2' x 2' x 1-1/8"  (with 1/8" cover),  or 609,6mm x 609,6mm x 3.175mm
  • 2' x 2' x 1-1/16" (with 1/16" cover), or 609,6mm x 609,6mm x 1,5875mm

At CEI we offer:

  • complete floors installed
  • parts to install a floor yourself
  • parts and accessories for an existing CEI floor
  • parts for other brands


**All panel and understructure components also available in Aluminum.**


Download our current product brochure:  CEIbrochure.pdf (1.03MB)

CEI is 100% US Owned and our products are 100% US Made.

Our environmentally friendly products feature an industry leading recycle content and yet provide superior load ratings.

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(Above) Laminated panel with bolted understructure and pedestals on 1 ft. centers.

(Left) Bare steel corner lock floor with field applied carpet.